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Friction Services

A quality friction material for clutch and brake parts is important in allowing these parts to last and function properly within both the clutch system and the brake system. Most friction materials found today on clutches and brakes are made of a mid to low grade quality. Heat is the number one enemy in any friction application. A premium friction material, such as Kevlar, will keep the heat from breaking it down and wearing out prematurely. A premium friction material will also stand up to the test of today’s rigorous workload and inexperienced operators.

Since 1960, HR Clutch has been providing a plethora of friction materials to customers across the US. These materials include woven high burst, ceramic, feramic, Kevlar, and fibertuff. These materials can be installed on brake shoes, brake bands, clutch discs, etc. and will offer extended life for your clutch and brakes. We do everything on location so that we can offer you the most affordable prices with the most reliable service. If requested, we offer you overnight delivery. At HR Clutch, we believe in doing everything right the first time so you need not worry that you’ll have to take your vehicle elsewhere a second time around. Read on to find out why using a premium friction material is important in maintaining clutch discs, brake shoes, and brakes bands.

Clutch Discs
As a clutch disc wears, the pressure plate’s diaphragm raises up against the release bearing. When the diaphragm comes up too far, the clutch will no longer transfer power from the transmission to the engine, and as a result will “slip.” The best way to avoid this problem from happening too early is to use a premium friction material. An upgraded material will wear at a slower rate against the flywheel and the pressure plate will keep the diaphragm at the proper height. It also will generate less heat in the bell-housing, therefore not weakening or distorting any of the other clutch components. The extra money spent will more than pay for itself with the extended life and protection to other components.

Brake Shoes
When the brake pedal is pushed, the brake shoe is applied to the brake drum and is responsible for stopping the vehicle. A premium material will give you extended life and outperform standard materials. When this friction material wears, the metal backing will come in contact with the brake rotors, which will then need to be replaced as well. A premium material will not only prolong the life of the wear factor of the friction material, but also that of the metal backing and rotor.

Brake Bands
Brake bands are used mostly in industrial applications, such as cranes and other off-road equipment. A band can be either internal, meaning the friction material is on the inside of the drum (like a brake shoe), or external, meaning the friction is on the outside side of the brake drum. There are many types of bands depending on their job function. Hoist bands, swing bands, and steering bands are just a few types. No matter the type, these bands are depended on to be a workhorse and to get the job done, usually on a tight time schedule. Don’t use a stock-grade friction material. At HR Clutch, we carry just the right stuff—a premium material called RNAW. It contains brass for strength and durability, and it may be used in “wet” or “dry” applications. We custom size and drill for rivets to fit any size, shape, or application. RNAW can be bonded as well for an even stronger hold. Don’t settle for anything less.

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