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Truck Clutches

Just like their engines, all trucks should have durable and reliable clutches that give them the optimal driving performance they deserve. Like all clutches, truck clutches work to engage and disengage the engine with the transmission. So whether you are driving a light duty truck, like a GMC Yukon, or a heavy duty truck, like a Mack, your clutch should be strong enough to handle any driving condition, regardless of distance or rugged terrain.

At HR Clutch, we’ve been helping truck drivers maintain optimal driving performance since 1960. Serving customers nationwide, we sell clutch discs individually or in kit form. Each clutch kit includes a clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing, pilot bearing, and alignment tool. To accommodate customers not in the local area, we offer overnight delivery at your request.

Light Duty Trucks
Whether you drive a sports utility vehicle (SUV) like a mid-sized Envoy or a pick-up truck from any of the Ford F150-F350 series, HR Clutch offers premium clutches for any light duty truck you may be driving on the road. We sell both new and remanufactured clutches to suit all of your possible needs. In fact, we like to go out of our way and help so we take it a step further. If we do not have your specific clutch, we will be more than happy to fabricate and construct one for you.

Heavy Duty Trucks
Like light duty trucks, HR Clutch offers both new and rebuilt heavy duty truck clutches to ensure only the best for our customers:

  • Our entire line of new clutches is ideal for any domestic or foreign truck and even comes with a 1yr/100,000 mile warranty. We offer a plethora of brand names, such as Daikin, Lipe, Luk, Sachs, Spicer, Valeo, and more. If you don’t find an ideal match for your truck, we’ll simply create one for you.

  • The remanufacturing of clutches is done on our premises. We adhere to the same strict guidelines as the original manufacturer and even have our rebuilt clutches randomly tested daily to ensure the highest level of quality control.

HR Clutch has everything you need to get the most out of driving your light duty or heavy duty truck. In fact, we offer more options to boost your driving experience. If you want an upgrade, we can add materials, like ceramic or Kevlar, to give your disc extra clutch life. Maybe you want added pressure put onto your pressure plate. No problem. We’ll do what it takes to keep our customers safe and happy on the road.





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