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HR Clutches Representing the following Clutch Manufactures
Lucas Clutches
High Preformance, Heavy Duty Clutch Systems
High Performance, Heavy Duty Clutch Systems
Wichita Clutches
Twin Disc Clutches
Twin Disc
Rockford Clutches
Miba Clutches
Valeo Clutches
Sachs Clutches
Funk Cluches
Eaton Clutches
Exedy Racing Clutches
Daikin Clutches

New and Remanufactured Clutches for Foreign and Domestic Cars, Trucks and Equipment

H R Sales, Inc., specializes in new and remanufactured clutches for foreign and domestic cars, trucks & equipment. Established in 1960, we have more than 42 years of experience in our field.

About HR Clutch
HR CLUTCH has been in the clutch business since 1960. Our name HR came from Hot Rod clutches. Back in the day when street and strip racing was very popular, high performance clutches was only way to generate more power and speed.

Car and Light Duty Truck Clutch Kits
In order to ensure optimum performance and lasting durability with every clutch installation, it’s important to use only quality clutch components that are engineered to function as a precision-matched system with the other driveline components.

Heavy Duty Truck Clutches
We carry a full line of NEW heavy duty truck clutch kits for all makes and models this includes foreign trucks as well.

High Performance Clutches
Foreign clutches for Acura, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Toyota WE CAN DESIGN a clutch kit to meet your demands. The old standbys domestic clutches for Ford ,Chevy, Dodge, etc. Our specialty is that we go way back in time with these oldies but goodies.

Off Road and Industrial Clutches
We have rebuilt many clutches for cranes and other Off-Road vehicles/machinery. Original manufacturers include Lima, P&H, Grove, etc.

Agricultural Clutches
Many farm vehicles and equipment have manual transmissions. We have rebuilt many clutches for manufacturers such as John Deere, Massey-Ferguson, IHC and Ford New-Holland.

Repair and Rebuild Services
At HR Clutch, we can repair and rebuild power take-off units, water pumps, heavy duty starters and alternators as well as fly wheels.

Vehicle Accessories and Clutch Components
Our accessories include brake disc pads, lucas oil, clutch hydraulics and more.

Antique and Classic Car Clutches
Despite their sometimes simple yet elegant appearances, these vehicles require a lot of maintenance and preservation from classic car owners and drivers alike. Years of wear and tear eventually take a toll on these cars as parts, such as clutches, need to be replaced.

Clutch Kits
Cars, light-duty trucks, and even heavy-duty trucks are all affected by the durability and performance of a clutch kit. Whether this clutch kit is brand new or remanufactured, it’s important to have only the best parts included.

Street High Performance Clutch Kits
Cars that are utilized in racing require optimal performance on all of their parts, including their clutch kits. In fact, high performance “street and strip” clutch kits are essential in allowing a car to drive smoother, shift seamlessly, and “grab” of the line.

Strip High Performance Clutch Kits
Street and muscle cars need the finest in car care and quality parts. In fact, the actual drivability and feel of a car depend on these two factors alone.

Automotive Clutches
Every car, truck, and SUV deserves to have quality parts that aim to prolong drivability and ensure optimal performance. Automotive clutches are an important contributor to a car’s system since their role is to engage and disengage the engine with the transmission.


Truck Clutches
Just like their engines, all trucks should have durable and reliable clutches that give them the optimal driving performance they deserve. Like all clutches, truck clutches work to engage and disengage the engine with the transmission.

Industrial Clutches
Heavy duty equipment relies on the strength and durability of premium industrial clutches in order to be continually used in the everyday work routine of construction workers, factory workers, farmers, and other labor intensive workers.

Cars, trucks, and industrial equipment depend on bearings to make their transmissions work more smoothly and efficiently.

Clutch Components and Vehicle Accessories
For all of your clutch needs, HR Clutch offers plenty of possibilities to enhance your overall clutch system. Plus, you’ll be happy to know that we are not new at this game. In fact, we’ve been pleasing drivers across the US since 1960.

Hydraulic Clutches
At HR Clutch, we cannot stress enough that it’s important to install new hydraulics when you replace the clutch. Many people also fail to use a flywheel shim when the flywheel is resurfaced.

Friction Services
A quality friction material for clutch and brake parts is important in allowing these parts to last and function properly within both the clutch system and the brake system.

A flywheel is a rotating disc that collects and stores energy as it spins. By storing energy, flywheels allow the clutches in cars, trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles to run efficiently and smoothly.

Water Pumps
The main duty of a water pump is to ensure that coolant is driven throughout the cooling system. In most vehicles, it is recommended that you replace your water pump every 100,000 miles.

Clutch Manufacturers Represented for New Parts
When replacing a worn clutch, it’s important to think about which clutch manufacturer appeals to your particular driving needs the best.

Remanufactured OE Parts
At HR Clutch, we’ve remanufactured all of our clutch parts on site since 1960. You can rest assured that you are getting reliability at an affordable price.

New and Remanufactured Clutches
In addition to providing the best clutch to suit your needs, H.R. Clutch can show you how each part works, hot to troubleshoot issues that arise and how to maximize performance.

Foreign Domestic Car Clutches
Whether you need clutch remanufacturing for the latest cars or trucks, or you’re looking to restore an antique, H.R. Clutch has the expertise and the inventory to get your vehicle back on the road with greater power and speed.

New and Remanufactured Clutches
We are experienced in meeting demanding deadlines and delivering top notch performance. We can upgrade any clutch to premium quality.

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Need A Clutch?

High Performance Foreign & Domestic Clutches
High Performance Foreign
& Domestic Clutches

Specializing in Antique & Classic Car Clutches
Specializing in Antique
& Classic Car Clutches

Agricultural Clutches
Agricultural Clutches

Heavy Duty Truck Clutches
Heavy Duty Truck Clutches

Off-Road/ Industrial Clutches
Off-Road/ Industrial Clutches

  H.R. Clutch
Car & Light Duty Truck Clutch Kits
Heavy Duty Truck Clutches
High Performance Clutches
Off-Road & Industrial Clutches
Agricultural Clutches
Repair & Rebuild Services
Accessories & Clutch Components
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